Anti-Corrosion Treatment and Industrial Corrosion Protection Products

Daubert Europe has a large array of anti-corrosion treatment and corrosion protection products to suit your needs. In the realm of industry and infrastructure, the challenge of corrosion persists, threatening the resilience and longevity of crucial assets. Responding to this concern, Daubert Europe's anti-corrosion treatments have evolved, introducing commercial grade industrial protection products. These products, equipped with refined formulations and technologies, aim to shield metals from the corrosive impact of the environment.


VCI Paper

We offer the most comprehensive selection of VCI papers for industry.

VCI Film, Bags

Available in sheeting, flat, recloseable and gussetted bags, tubing, and custom sizes.

Rust Preventive Liquids

Complete line of corrosion inhibitor liquids, oils, and coatings.

VCI Emitters, Devices

Available in pouches, emitters, chips, powders, and more.

VCI Military Packaging

Daubert Cromwell has a complete selection of VCI papers and films for use in the military packaging applications.

Rust Removers

When you need to remove rust from metal parts before packaging them for storage or shipment.


Wax barrier material that is strong and durable, suitable for protecting underground piping in corrosive or severe environments.

Environmentally Friendly

Protect your metal parts from corrosion with natural, plant-based products, that are safe for you and the environment.