Initiatives on Sustainability

Leading businesses must take an active role in protecting our environment. At Daubert Cromwell, we are committed to environmental responsibility and conservation of natural resources to ensure a sustainable future. We make best efforts to address green priorities in all phases of our business.

Among our green initiatives:

  • Implemented a recycling program on all our paper slitting and flat cutting operations to reduce our landfill waste volume by 40%.
  • Installed a high efficiency lighting system to replace older, less efficient technology, and reduced lighting power consumption by 20%.
  • Virgin kraft paper products are sourced from Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified companies.
  • Paper products exported to Europe are made with 25-30% recycled content. This option is available to all our customers.
  • Daubert Cromwell VCI paper and polyethylene packaging products are fully recyclable.
  • We developed bio-based rust preventive liquids, such as Nox-Rust® EV-9, which replaces organic solvents with oil derived from soybeans.
  • Many of our solvent-based rust preventive liquids have a water-based equivalent.
  • Our rust remover product, Rust Revenge®, is a fast-acting, water-based, non-toxic alternative to acid-based rust removers. It has VOCs, no HAPs, and is non-hazardous.
  • Implemented recycling programs for scrap paper used in the office and the plant, to reduce the amount of landfill waste.

For more information about these and other initiatives at Daubert Cromwell operations globally, contact our main office in Alsip, IL, 800-535-3535,