VCI Product Selection Criteria 

  • Which Metals are in need of protection.
  • Corrosion inhibiting chemicals used and their effectiveness on the metals.
  • Ratio of chemicals in the formulation.
  • Amount of volatiler corrosion inhibitors on the paper or in the film.
  • pH of the finished product.
  • Water solubility and the effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitor in the presence of moisture and/or high humidity.
  • Natural, neutral kraft paper or polyethylene film used as the carrier for the VCI.
  • The overall packaging design and the conditions expected during packing, shipping and storing.

VCI formulations that works under one set of conditions may not work under another.

All aspects of the process, metals composition, packaging, storage and shipping conditions should be considered in order to select the right packaging media and VCI formulation. A large number of combinations are available from Daubert Cromwell that will be effective in any application.

To learn more about packaging your products with Daubert Cromwell, please view our Packaging Design Criteria

Selecting the Right VCI - Packagaing