Reinforced VCI Papers and Wraps

Heavy Duty, High Strength Corrosion Protection

Heavy loads, large metal pieces and export shipments need corrosion protective packaging that stands up to harsh conditions and rough handling. Reinforced VCI papers and films from Daubert Cromwell keep corrosion and moisture away from steel coils, wire, machinery, and whatever needs the power of VCI packaging.

  • Designed for heavy loads, large metal pieces and export shipments
  • Resist grease, oil and water - excellent barrier against contaminants in the environment
  • Resist rips, tears and punctures - strong and durable for wrapping heavy pallets, irregular shapes and bulky equipment
  • Provides VCI protection that is clean, safe and dry - metal is ready to use immediately upon removing from VCI packaging (no rework necessary prior to use)
Nox-Rust® Vapor Wrapper® - VCI Paper PC55D

For Interleaving

VCI Scrim

  • Heavyweight natural kraft with LDPE reinforced with tri-directional scrim
  • Designed as sheeting and interleaving between heavy rolls and pallets
  • PC50MPI, for protection of multi-metals
  • PC50H, for ferrous metals, is equally strong and nitrite-free

For Coil Wrap

UW94MPI Woven

  • Heavyweight natural kraft poly, laminated to woven poly fabric and coated with Uniwrap® MPI for multi-metal protection
  • Provides maximum strength and tear resistance

Steelwrap MPI                                                                     

  • Heavyweight kraft laminated with reinforcement and poly to another heavyweight VCI kraft paper
  • Provides heavy-duty moisture resistance and strength for wrapping steel coils