The manufacturing industry is one of the most challenging and demanding industrial sectors. Manufacturing plants must operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to meet the demand for their products. Industrial corrosion is one of the biggest threats to production in any manufacturing plant. Manufacturing corrosion costs U.S. businesses more than $100 billion annually. If not addressed properly, corrosive environments can result in massive downtime and expenses that will put even the most well-funded company at risk of failure. Corrosion can have devastating effects on equipment and structures, leading to unplanned maintenance costs, shortened equipment life spans, and huge repair bills that can bankrupt an organization if they don’t have the necessary safeguards in place. We have the best line of industrial corrosion protection products in the world.

What is Industrial Corrosion?

Industrial corrosion is the breakdown of materials caused by chemical reactions. Industrial corrosion is the deterioration that occurs when certain chemicals react with metals. Corrosion can be problematic in many different types of industries, but it is most prevalent in industries that use chemicals, require long-lasting, durable equipment, and have low maintenance costs. There are two types of corrosion: – Inter-metal Corrosion – This type of corrosion happens when different metals are in contact with each other and are chemically reacting to each other. Industrial Corrosion Protection Products: What to Look for in a Quality Product – Corrosion within the metal – This type of corrosion happens when a metallic structure is not properly maintained, allowing water and chemicals to build up on the surface of the metal.

Why Is Industrial Corrosion Protection Important?

Industrial corrosion can happen to any metal, but it is most common in industries that store large quantities of chemicals and use a multitude of different metals for manufacturing. Industrial corrosion protection products can help you prevent costly repairs, reduce the risk of major accidents, and increase the lifespan of your equipment. – Corrosion can cause expensive repairs. – When corrosion starts to form, it takes time to develop into something that can be seen with the naked eye. This means that if corrosion is left unchecked, it can cause massive damage before it is detected. – Corrosion can lead to major accidents. – When corrosion affects machinery or equipment in operation, it can cause disastrous results. A valve that is corroded shut could cause a hazardous leak, while a pipe that is corroded shut could cause a rupture that could result in major property damage. – Corrosion can shorten equipment lifespan. – When corrosion has caused significant damage to a piece of equipment, the only option is to repair or replace it. When it comes to manufacturing equipment, this often means a hefty price tag. – Corrosion can be prevented with industrial corrosion protection products. – There are many ways to protect your metal structures and minimize the likelihood of corrosion. Industrial corrosion protection products can help to create a barrier between the metal and the chemicals it is in contact with.

The Nox-Rust series is the best industrial corrosion protection products

Daubert Europe’s line of Nox-Rust products is a non-toxic industrial corrosion protection product used to protect and treat metal surfaces. It is applied as a liquid and will dry to create a layer on top of the metal. This layer acts as a shield and prevents corrosive chemicals from attacking the metal inside.

Nox-Rust Series of Industrial Corrosion Protection Products

The Nox-Rust line comes in different formulations catered to your specific needs, whether for transit coatings or outdoor solutions:

Nox-Rust 3100: Amber oil dries as a firm, waxy film that can be handled after 3–6 hours. Coating sets up in 12–24 hours.

Nox-Rust 5100: Outdoor corrosion protection. Dries as a black, dry, firm film. Remove with solvent/alkaline cleaner. Conforms to Mil-PRF-16173E, Grade 1, Class 1.

Nox-Rust 5200: Apply on exposed metals and unpainted metal parts. The brown, grease-like film dries as a semi-film coating in 12-24 hours. Protection lasts 3-6 months on equipment stored outdoors, up to 5 years if stored indoors. Remove with solvent/alkaline cleaner or an emulsion cleaner.

Nox-Rust 5300: Brown, oily film displaces water and saline solutions to keep corrosion from forming on metal surfaces inside closed systems. Completely miscible with lubricating oils.

Nox-Rust 8500: Exterior barrier coating. Hard acrylic emulsion film. Water-based, clear. Dries as a tack-free exterior coating, will not pick up dust or dirt. Non-staining. It may be removed with soap and water for up to one hour after applying.

Nox-Rust 9900: Environmentally safe water-based coating with corrosion protection. Low VOC with no solvents, petroleum oils, or harmful chemicals. Can be diluted with water. Dries to a firm, tacky film that is not water-soluble. Compatible with copper and brass.


Corrosion can be a serious issue that, left unchecked, can cost millions of dollars in repairs and lost production. Industrial corrosion protection products can help to minimize the likelihood of corrosion occurring and protect your valuable assets. When selecting an industrial corrosion protection product, it is important to find a product that is safe for your employees and the environment and meets the necessary regulatory standards.