Nox-Rust® VCI Powders

Nox-Rust VCI Powders are designed to provide continuous corrosion protection for interior metal surfaces of enclosed systems.  Use it: 

  • For lay-up, preservation, and mothball applications to protect internal cavities and recesses. 
  • Preserving equipment that needs to undergo hydrostatic testing prior to shipping and storage.
  • In a mothballed facility, Nox-Rust powders keep machinery in working order so that production may be restored quickly if needed.

Water-soluble, silica-free Nox-Rust VCI Powder is specially designed to protect the interior metal surfaces of enclosed systems:

  • Boilers1010 powder emitter
  • Turbines
  • Heat exchangers
  • Compressors
  • Tubes, pipes
  • Power generation equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Drilling equipment

Apply VCI powders by dusting or sprinkling, fogging into the enclosed space with a low-pressure air hose, or dissolve in water.

The VCI powder is safe and environmentally friendly. It does not contain phosphates, heavy metals or nitrites.

Daubrite® 900 VCI Emitters

Effective on steel, copper, zinc and multi-metal parts

Use one Daubrite 900 emitter for each 900 cu. ft. of space inside a cabinet, crate or box

Daubrite® 900 VCI emitters are compact, easy-to handle, corrosion protection devices designed to protect exposed metals inside packaging environments and enclosures. Each unit delivers odorless, effective corrosion protection to metal surfaces in voids and recesses that are hard to reach, such as in large metal equipment and machinery, and other large metal surface area applications.

Nox-Rust VCI Powder 1000SF

Metals Protected: Ferrous

Silica-free, water soluble powder for protecting equipment during storage, lay-up or hydrostatic testing.

Nox-Rust 1000SF Loose Powder

Apply powder by dusting, fogging, or dissolve in water. No need to remove before restarting the unit after shut-down. Sold in 5-lb. and 25.-lb boxes.

Nox-Rust 1000SF Pouch Emitter 

Each 8” x 11” pouch contains Nox-Rust 1000SF powder to protect up to 900 cubic feet of enclosed space.  Put it inside boilers, tanks, void spaces inside vessels, turbines and steam or condensate pipe lines.

The breathable polyethylene sealed bag is able to diffuse slowly, protecting ferrous metals during extended periods of equipment inactivity, during storage or lay-up.

Nox-Rust VCI Powder 1000SFG

Metals Protected: Ferrous

Finely ground version of 1000SF. Use in applications where a fine powder is needed.

Nox-Rust VCI Powder 1010SFG

Metals Protected: 

Silica-free, water soluble, finely ground powder. Use wet or dry.

Compatible with copper, brass and galvanized steel. Does not need to be removed prior to equipment restart.

Nox-Rust VCI Powder 1015

Metals Protected: Ferrous

Silica-free, water soluble powder for protecting equipment during storage, lay-up or hydrostatic testing.

Nox-Rust 1015 Pouch Emitter 

Each Nox-Rust 1015 Pouch Emitter will protect exposed metals inside an enclosure of up to 15 cubic feet.

Nox-Rust 1015 pouch emitter eliminates the need to fog or spray powders when such a method of application is not desired or not possible.

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