Clear Pak VCI Films are safe, effective corrosion inhibitor packaging films designed to protect metals during manufacture, storage and in transit.

Clear Pak

PMG Film_flat bags
For Aluminum and Steel

Clear Pak BIO – VCI Film Bags

clear-pak-bio_flat bags gloved hands
For Ferrous Metals

The heat sealable, low density polyethylene film has a proprietary blend of corrosion inhibitors blended throughout the film, not superficially applied. It is strong, transparent and standard in a unique shade of blue to identify it as a quality product of Daubert Europe.

  • Contains bio-based VCI
  • Environmentally friendly, safe for workers
  • Non-nitrite, amine-free
  • Recyclable
  • Parts stay clean, dry, and corrosion-free until ready to use
  • Available in flat, re-sealable, and gusseted bags; tubing; bonnets; sheeting; custom fabrications

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